LTC Price Surges High: Daily Active Addresses Reach ATH

• Litecoin’s daily active address has reached all-time highs, causing the price of Litecoin to surge.
• The network released new LRC-20 standards using the ordinal theory following the rising attention and adoption of Bitcoin’s BRC-20 standard tokens.
• Along with a surge in transactions and social dominance, it is expected that the LTC price will continue its upswing in the coming days.

Litecoin Price Surge

Litecoin’s price has seen a major rise from bearish influence and is now approaching a crucial resistance. With a huge jump in transactions, it is believed that LTC price rally will initially reach an interim milestone at $100. The crypto space has seen a roller coaster ride ever since Bitcoin prices marked an interim high close to $31,000, with most tokens trading in bearish trends and multiple attempts to rise failing. Despite this, Litecoin has shown immense bullish momentum as its network strength soared.

Cause of Surge

The network recently released new LRC-20 standards using the ordinal theory due to increasing attention and adoption of Bitcoin’s BRC-20 standard tokens. This allows users to mint new tokens and transfer them easily, although these are still in their early stages. As a result, the LTC daily active address saw an increase from 300k levels to almost 900k, along with an increase in transaction count from 100K levels to around 585K over the past year. Social dominance also increased which indicates that Litecoin’s market cap dominance has risen compared to other top 100 tokens on the market.

Impact on Price

The price of Litecoin has been trading along a rising trend line since early 2023 which acts as major support for continued growth. Currently it is expected that with increasing dominance, LTC will maintain strong upwards momentum going forward based on current performance indicators such as active addresses, transaction count and social prominence.

Halving Impacts

With halving events taking place throughout 2021 for many cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin itself – there have been many questions about how this might affect Litecoins own halving event scheduled for August 2021. It remains uncertain whether or not any changes would be brought about by this particular halving event but what can be said for sure is that if performance indicators remain positive then it could provide additional fuel to drive further growth leading up until then and beyond into 2022/23 depending on market conditions at that time .


Litecoin continues to show strong bullish momentum despite bearish market trends seen across much of the wider cryptocurrency space over recent months – with its daily active address reaching all time highs alongside steady increases in both transaction count and social prominence this could mean good things for investors who are looking towards long term gains by HODLing their coins or potentially investing at current prices before the upcoming halving event takes place later this year .

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