Whales Move to Small-Cap Altcoins; Can Large-Cap Coins Keep Up?

•Whales have been dealing with small-cap altcoins, leading to speculation of a low-cap altcoin rally.
•The market continues to bleed and the rounds of whale accumulation is feared to attract traders away from top cryptos.
•Data suggests heavy transactions have been carried out with other altcoins, while tokens like Rocket Pool and Phala Network have seen unusual activity.

Whale Activity in Crypto Markets

The crypto markets are taking a plunge as Bitcoin price slides below $28,000 and Ethereum holds above $1900. Whales have shifted their focus towards small-cap or lesser known altcoins, which has sparked speculation of an impending low-cap altcoin rally. Additionally, the round of whale accumulation has raised fears that traders may be drawn away from large-cap coins.

On-Chain Data Analysis

An on-chain analytical platform, Santiment has recorded some unusual activity related to crypto transactions in the market. For instance, when the prices for Rocket Pool were trading at its local high ($61.89), more than 70 transactions worth over $100K occurred indicating the whales’ interest in this coin (which has a market capitalization of $900 million). Similarly, 308 million PHA coins were transferred worth nearly $53 million – this was reportedly the 3rd largest transaction since it began publicly trading in 2020.

Gas Fees Leaderboard

Santiment also observed that tokens like TROLL, APED and BOBO were leaders in gas fees rather than Ethereum (ETH) or Wrapped ETH/USDT – another indication that whales are investing into lesser known coins instead of large cap tokens at this time.

Speculations about Alt Season

It appears that the current trend is set for an upcoming Alt season – especially given Ethereum’s strength and tendency to trigger various trends in cryptocurrency markets. However, it is uncertain whether this will actually happen due to the unpredictable nature of crypto markets and lack of data points available for analysis currently.


Whales seem focused on smaller or lesser known altcoins at present as indicated by recent on-chain data analysis conducted by Santiment platform as well as gas fees leaderboard rankings among certain tokens vs large cap ones such as ETH/Wrapped ETH/USDT etc.. This could potentially lead to an Alt season but only time will tell if this speculation comes true or not!

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